PM Vishwakarma Benefits: Training, Loan, Toolkit, Certificate, ID, etc

PM Vishwakarma Scheme is launched by the Prime Minister Sh. Narendra Modi on 17 September 2023. The Indian Government has recognized the potential and value of the “Vishwakarma” community and finally, the Vishwakarma Yojana is launched with numerous benefits. Here in this article, we will discuss all the benefits related to the PM Vishwakarma Yojana in detail.

Who is Covered Under the PM Vishwakarma Scheme

Initially, the families of the Traditional Artisans and Craftspeople (Guru-Shishya) Prampra covering the 18 traditional trades are covered. The PM Vishwakarma Yojana is planned for the 30 Lakh Beneficiaries across the country. The persons who got the benefit of similar schemes in the last five years are excluded from getting the benefits of this scheme.

PM Vishwakarma Benefits

So, now let’s discuss the Benefits associated with the PM Vishwakarma Scheme.

Certificate and ID Card:

The First benefit of the PM Vishwakarma Yojana is that the beneficiaries will get recognition through the “Vishwakarma Certificate” and “Vishwakarma ID Card” which will prove their skill in the job interview and enhance their self-respect.

Credit (Loan) Support:

  • Collateral-free Enterprise Development Loans:
    • Upto Rs 1 lakh (First Tranche for 18 months repayment)
    • Upto Rs 2 lakh (Second Tranche for 30 months repayment)
  • Concessional Rate of Interest @ 5% subject to interest subvention cap up to 8% by GoI (Credit Oversight Committee may revise subvention cap keeping in view prevailing interest rates)
  • Credit Guarantee fees are to be borne by GoI

Skill Upgradation:

The beneficiaries will be given 5-7 days of basic training after identifying their skill. The advanced training may last up to 15 days. The beneficiaries will be given a Rs. 500 per day stipend during the training period. This training will boost the talent and skills of the beneficiaries.

Toolkit Incentive:

Rs. 15000/- will be provided through the Direct Beneficiary Transfer (DBT) for the Toolkit required for that particular skill. The toolkit incentive will be provided at the time of basic training after verification of the skill.

Incentives for Digital Transaction:

The PM Vishwakarma Beneficiaries are encouraged to use the digital ways of transaction. They will get Rs. 1 per transaction for a maximum of 100 transactions per month.

Marketing Support:

The Beneficiaries will also get Marketing Support from the Government. Rs. 250 crores has been assigned for the Quality Certification, Branding, Advertising, Publicity, and Other Marketing Activities for the Beneficiaries. This will facilitate, support, and strengthen market linkage and access by:

  1. Design development
  2. Packaging
  3. Brand building
  4. Publicity
  5. Promoting physical and online presence
  6. e-Commerce linkage with GeM, Khadi India, MSME Mart, and ONDC
  7. Quality certification
  8. Participation in trade fairs
  9. Buyer-seller meets
  10. Promoting local exhibitions

List of Trades Covered Under the PM Vishwakarma Scheme

  • Wood Based
    • Carpenter (Suthar)
    • Boat Maker
  • Iron/ Metal Based
    • Armourer
    • Blacksmith (Lohar)
    • Hammer & Tool Kit Maker
    • Locksmith
  • Gold/ Silver Based
    • Goldsmith (Sonar)
  • Clay Based
    • Potter (Kumhaar)
  • Stone Based
    • Sculptor (Moortikar, Stone Carver), Stone Breaker
  • Leather Based
    • Cobbler (Chamkar/ Shoesmith)/ Footwear Artisan
  • Construction
    • Mason (Rajmistri)
  • Others
    • Basket/ Mat/ Broom Maker/ Coir Weaver
    • Doll and Toy Maker (Traditional)
    • Barber (Naai)
    • Garland Maker (Malakaar)
    • Washerman (Dhobi)
    • Tailor (Darzi)
    • Fishing Net Maker

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